Meet the experts in robot operations at the first RobOps conference

As a global community bringing together the top experts in advancing the application of advanced robotics, the Robot Operations Group’s mission is to drive the best practices for robot operations at scale.

ROG (pronounced “rogue”) has been meeting virtually for more than two years, with occasional in-person meetings as the pandemic allowed. With almost 150 members, the group’s monthly meetings and RobOps Masters interviews have included renowned experts such as Aaron Prather from FedEx, Lawrence Ibarra of Verdant Robotics and Devid Theobald, Chief Innovation Officer and founder of Vecna Robotics.

The first-ever RobOpsCon event, taking place in October 2022 in Silicon Valley, will bring together practitioners and a leading panel of multi-disciplinary speakers across industries, including logistics, supply chain, agriculture, hospitality and healthcare. Additional details will be announced shortly.

Coming to Silicon Valley in October 2022

Read the RobOpsCon 2022 press release.

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